Brewhaus is FDA-Registered, and a
Texas licensed Food Manufacturing Facility

We are also proud to be certified Kosher!

Brewhaus has been serving the home distilling and brewing industry for 25 years.Brewhaus has been in the home brewing / winemaking / distillation industry since 1992. In 2002, we left home brewing and winemaking to focus soley on distillation, dramatically expanding our manufacturing and distribution of small scale distillation equipment and supplies. Today, we are proud to be the premier manufacturer and distributor of premium quality distillation supplies in North America, and are the sole importer of Gert Strand products of Sweden. If you're looking for a moonshine still, alcohol still, essential oil still, and more, you've come to the right place. 

Brewhaus Moonshine Stills

All of our reflux distillers use our patent-pending two piece column, allowing for use as a full length reflux column, or a true pot distillation column. Single piece reflux columns simply cannot offer this flexibility! At best, a single piece reflux column can operate as a column distiller, not a pot distiller. Brewhaus also developed the patent-pending top mount, crossed cooling line system. This design puts reflux where it is needed- at the top of the column, maximizing reflux and distillate purity, without reducing distillation speed.

Turbo Yeast & Distillers Yeast

High Spirits Turbo Yeast is made in the USA with US & imported ingredientsDid you know that our turbo yeasts are the only ones produced in the USA without urea? For our turbo yeasts, we keep our focus on freshness and eliminate the middleman by not using a copacker. We also store our yeast in a custom, climate-controlled room to ensure that our yeast remains among the highest quality available.

We have been in the small scale distiller industry longer than any other supplier in North America. Knowledge and service are keys to our success. In addition, we supply and support the small scale commercial distillery market, gaining a tremendous amount of knowledge in doing so. We are here to help!

We know you want your stuff as soon as possible, which is why our goal is to process and ship your order with 24 hours of receiving it. Our warehouse holds a large inventory, but every once in a while, an item will go out of stock due to importation delays, backorders from our suppliers, or even an unexpected and drastic spike in sales.

If an item that you ordered is out of stock and cannot be shipped within 24 hours, we’ll email you to let you know the following:

The expected arrival date of the item
• Your options, such as splitting the order, holding other items to shop the completed order
• Suggested substitutions, if applicable

We value the privacy of your personal information, and do not share any of the information you give us with any other party- period! On occasion, Brewhaus sends an e-mail newsletter with information on new items and other information that we feel will be of interest to you. However, we do not have 'partner sites' that we share information with, and hold all of your information as strictly confidential. Brewhaus does not believe in charging you for your order until we are ready to ship. This means that you will not immediately see charges to your credit card after placing your order. This allows us the ability to be far more flexible, giving customers the opportunity to make changes or additions to their order right up until the time that it is packed. It also allows us to catch errors that occasionally happen on orders that are placed, and even combine multiple orders in order to save you on freight charges. This also means that you will never be charged for any unshipped items until we have them ready to send.  We do accept both checks by mail and electronic checks for payment of your order, however, please allow us 5 business days for your payment to clear prior to shipping your order.

Brewhaus has brought everything internally in order to better serve you and to increase our security measures. We operate our own server instead of being hosted on a server with other sites, which allows us to 'lock down' access much more than otherwise possible and restrict access dramatically. This offers you the greatest degree of security possible because we do not need to allow for external access to our server. All in all, we hope to make your experience with Brewhaus a pleasant one.

Feel free to contact us with any concerns, questions, or comments:

Brewhaus (America) Inc.
5951 Park Vista Circle
Suite 125
Keller, TX 76244
817-337-4129 fax
Online Only: We do not have a showroom/retail store!
Hours of operation- 9am - 5pm Monday thru Friday, excluding holidays

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