Alcohol Stills and Parts

We take our moonshine stills seriously.

You deserve the highest quality product, but should not have to pay a premium to get it. We pride ourselves on offering you just that. Now you can Pick your Kettle with all Brewhaus Complete Distillers.

Virtually build your own system by selecting your kettle, thermometer type, and column packing.

learn-about-different-distilling-kettles.pngThe most complete- yet at the lowest price- GUARANTEED! Brewhaus Complete units are just that- complete. Our systems include all hoses, clamps, thermometer with bung, brass hose fitting and submersible pump (to give you the option on your method of cooling), and column filling (your choice of type)- and items not even offered elsewhere such as chemical tolerant distillate hose, diffuser plate, and stainless steel chain for kettle cleaning. Other suppliers try to lower their price by not including many of these necessary items, and are most often still much higher priced. In fact, by the time you ‘build’ your system elsewhere by adding all of these items, we are often more than $100 lower for a similar system! Whether you need a moonshine still, alcohol still, essential oils still, or water still, we've got you covered with our versatile units.


We guarantee the lowest price for all of our distillers.

All of our Essential Extractor units and parts are backed by our lifetime warranty. We are the largest and longest standing small scale distiller producer in North America, and take our business seriously, so we will be here for you in the unlikely event that you do have a problem.

*For those in free countries where alcohol distillation is legal, or with proper licensing in North America, this unit can be used to produce 95% pure ethanol simply and safely.