Black Bull Turbo Distillers Yeast

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Kosher Certified:
Ferment Time:
5 - 7 days
Max % ABV:
Yield in Gallons:
Ferment Temperature:
68 - 82F (20 - 28C)
  • 87g sachet (3.1 oz)
  • Each sachet yields 6.5 US Gallons (25L)

Black Bull Turbo is a great, low-cost turbo yeast that offers fast, clean fermentation at a great price. Highly temperature tolerant. Ferments up to 18% in as little as 5-6 days.

1. Dissolve 6 - 8kg of sugar (13.2 - 17.6 lbs) into 6 liters (1.6 gallons, 6.3 quarts) of hot or boiling water. Make sure the sugar has completely dissolved before continuing.
2. Top up to final 25 liters (6.5 gallons, 26.5 quarts) volume with cold water, continue to stir until the liquid is mixed.
3. Make sure the liquid temperature is below 39°C (102°F); then add Black Bull Turbo Yeast. Stir until no yeast particles are visible.
4. Allow to ferment at 20 - 28°C (68 - 82°F) air temperature for 3-5 days (or 7-10 days for 8 kg sugar) until fermentation stops.

Ingredients: Active Dried Yeast, Yeast Nutrients, Trace Vitamins and Minerals

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  • 5
    Review of Black Bull turbo yeast

    Posted by Larry Cisneros on Mar 16th 2020

    I’ve used this yeast for years and if has preformed very well for me. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this yeast for anyone. Thanks for the great products. Larry C.

  • 3

    Posted by jon on Jun 28th 2014

    I got about half as much as usual compared to 48 hour Turbo Yeast and its a little slower and takes longer. Okay yeast but not as not what I like.

  • 2
    This stuff is horrible!

    Posted by S Thomas on May 19th 2014

    I've been using Prestige Turbo Pure for years but, because of the stars, decided to save a few bucks and get this stuff. Well, I got exactly 50% less product with this crap. Save a dollar and lose many dollars because this concoction doesn't do the job! By weight it is about 1/2 that of Turbo Pure so I guess it makes sense but I even added extra nutrients to the batch and still only ended up with 50% of what Turbo Pure gives me. I wouldn't recommend this to my worst enemy!!

  • 5
    I like

    Posted by Mark on Dec 29th 2013

    Used this as a back up but had better results than before

  • 5
    GOOD Yeast

    Posted by michael on Jan 2nd 2013

    Very aggressive yeast . This run was a cracked corn run in 3 fives .Also added Enzyme @ 1 tablespoon per 5 .All 3 are about to blow there lids there working so hard . 5 stars

  • 5
    GET SOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Posted by Richard A. on Dec 30th 2012

    Awesome product and excellent price...While not as initially agressive in the first stages of fermentation as somr other turbos i've used, black bull bangs out a clean potent mash in about a week..Run through a homebuilt potstill, my first pint is at 75%abv and averages about 70%abv for the entire run...good flavor and smooth goin down...alot of bang for the buck!!! You won't be dissappointed!!!!