Congressman Burgess’ Aides Will Visit Brewhaus

Congressman Burgess’ Aides Will Visit Brewhaus

Posted by Mary on Oct 17th 2014

You’re probably already aware that our owner, Rick Morris, plays a large role in the Hobby Distiller’s Association (HDA). You may also know that as a representative of the HDA, he met with several Congressmen in Washington DC a few weeks ago regarding a bill that could afford hobby distillers the same legal rights as hobby brewers and wine. Rick and HDA lobbyist, Keith Nelson, met with Congressman Michael C. Burgess, who currently represents Texas’ 26th congressional district, on Tuesday, September 16.

The purpose of September’s meeting was to discuss any potential concerns related to the effects of legalizing home distilling and provide the Congressman with the HDA’s safety sheet. Burgess did have some concerns about the dangers of methanol poisoning, which is understandable because of his background in medicine. Therefore, Burgess instructed his aides to conduct additional research on the topic of safety, and the HDA would follow up with him later.

We can now confirm that Burgess’ aides will be personally travelling from Washington, DC to Brewhaus in Keller, Texas on Oct 22! Both Burgess’ Legislative Director, James Decker, and Legislative Counsel, David Lieberman, will tour our warehouse and follow up with Rick on their research since September’s meeting. The entire Brewhaus crew is looking forward to their visit and will be more than willing to answer any questions they may have about what we do as well as hobby distilling in general.

Check back in with us after the 22nd, and we’ll let you know how it went. Pretty exciting stuff!