New Association Pushing To Legalize Home Distilling

New Association Pushing To Legalize Home Distilling

Posted by Rick on Apr 18th 2014

Did you know that owning and operating an alcohol still in the United States, as it is in most countries in the world, is illegal without proper licenses, even if you are producing only for personal consumption? Unlike beer and winemaking as a hobby, which are legal in most countries, distilling any of your homemade beer or wine is against the law. It is time to see this changed! In response to this, Rick Morris of Brewhaus has founded the Hobby Distiller’s Association, with the first goal being federal legalization of distilling on a hobby basis in the USA.

While there have been attempts in the past to pursue legalization, none have had the unity and strength of the new association. Most previous attempts to legalize home distilling have garnered little support, interest quickly waned, and the effort was abandoned. By forming an association with members supporting the movement, and Brewhaus stepping up to back the organization financially, the Hobby Distiller’s Association is not going to be just another short-lived push for legalization.

Possibly the biggest difference between this effort and previous ones is that the Hobby Distiller’s Association has hired a lobbyist in Washington, DC, who is pushing our cause directly with legislators in Congress.

To show your support for the cause, or to get more information on the effort, please check out the HDA website at