Updated Website

Updated Website

Posted by Rick on Nov 21st 2011

Brewhaus has a new website!

We have been hard at work behind the scenes to upgrade our website, both functionally as well as appearance. We still have some new features coming to the site that will make ordering even smoother, and will post more information as the features are added.

One of the most notable differences is the new ease of adding items to your order. While you still need to phone or e-mail us to make additions to your orders (we do not allow this from the customer-side of the website in case the order is already being packed), we can immediately give you the new total (including shipping) and send you an updated copy of the order by e-mail. You are also now able to ‘Like’ individual items on Facebook in addition to product reviews.

You will find our product categories on the left side of the screen, from Moonshine Stills & Alcohol Stills, to Turbo Yeast & Distillers Yeast. Click on a product category to see a list of items included in that category. For example, the category Moonshine Stills and Alcohol Stills includes all distillation columns, kettles, hoses, heating elements, and complete moonshine still units that we carry.

Watch our site for more site improvements coming soon.