Clearing Agent- Sparkolloid 4oz.

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Sparkolloid is a very effective clearing agent when extremely fast clearing is needed, or where other clearing agents have failed.

113g (4oz)

1. For best results, perform the following steps BEFORE adding the Sparkolloid: First, stir mash vigorously. Wait a few minutes and then stir vigorously again.
2. Prepare the Sparkolloid: You'll use 1 tsp. per gallon.
3. Add Sparkolloid to 2 cups of boiling water and allow to boil for 3-5 minutes or until dissolved.
4. Stir gently into wine, or turbo yeast base to fully suspend. Product is usually clear within 24 hours.

A proprietary blend of polysaccharides in a diatomacious earth carrier specially formulated for superior clarification. It has a strong positive charge. Hot Mix Sparkolloid neutralizes the repelling charge of particulate matter allowing aggregation and formation of compact lees.

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  • 5

    Posted by Ken Ramey on Apr 28th 2020

    works very well for me

  • 5

    Posted by Aidan McGlone on Sep 10th 2017

    Brilliant for clearing sugar or fruit based wash. I've been using this for years and it has never failed me.

  • 5
    1 tsp. per gallon

    Posted by Kim on Mar 25th 2012

    This product works excellent if you follow the directions. 1 tsp per gallon is all it takes.

  • 1
    No Good

    Posted by KEVIN on Mar 9th 2012

    This stuff did nothing to clear my wash. Very disappointed

  • 5
    No exaggeration

    Posted by Jim on Jan 1st 2012

    24 hours was all it took. Excellent.

  • 5

    Posted by K13B on Apr 27th 2009

    Clears quickly. Noticible in 24hrs and Crystal clear in 72hrs. Well worth the price.

  • 5
    AMAZING clearing agent.

    Posted by Carolina Shining on May 12th 2008

    it really does work in 24 hours. just follow the directions. it sure beats the hell outta waiting for days and days for the mash to clear before distilling.