Distilling Basics for Beginners

The Basics of Distilling With a Moonshine Still

Distillation is basically a process used to separate a mixture into base elements. Whether you are distilling water, vinegar, fuel, perfume, or alcohol, you are separating the vapors to collect only the part (or parts) that you want.

A distillation unit, which is commonly referred to as a moonshine still even if you're not necessarily making moonshine, works by boiling a liquid, which separates the "pieces" that the liquid is comprised of. You collect only those pieces that you want and discard the rest. You can precisely decide which pieces you collect because the individual compounds boil at different temperatures.

Below is a diagram of a complete moonshine still with an electric heating unit. Scroll over the targets to learn more about each part of the still and click on the links in the pop-up descriptions for more information about each part.


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