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  • EasyFilter System

For the EasyStillTM Distiller with Glass Collection Container click here

Learn more about Pay Over TimeThe EasyStillTM is a high quality, stainless steel electric countertop distillation unit with a 4L capacity that delivers results that are similar to that of a pot still. It is based on the design of a popular water distillation unit, but has been factory modified for alcohol distillation by changing the heating element, increasing cooling, and omitting the chlorine release valve, plus additional proprietary adaptations. The unit is still capable of distilling water, simply at a slower rate. 

A convenient way to distill your own water, essential oils, whisky*, rum*, vodka*, moonshine*, and more, the EasyStillTM can produce up to 60% abv product on a single run with the ability to reach 90% after a second run. For a better final product, be sure to use very high grade activated carbon that is prepared properly for optimal filtration. 

Although the EasyStillTM is as easy to use as a coffee maker, it should never be left to run unattended (just as no other still should ever be left to run unattended, from essential oil still to moonshine still).

*Alcohol distillation is not legal in all countries. It is the responsibility of the user to abide by local laws. Brewhaus (America) Inc. does not accept responsibility for illegal use of any distillation apparatus.

110V / 60Hz

Standard items included:

  • Filter System
  • Activated Carbon
  • 4L Polycarbonate Plastic Collection Container
  • EasyStill Residue Cleaner

EasyFilterTM Alcohol System
Not included elsewhere!!
Our custom, chemical tolerant EasyFilter System with Distillery Grade Activated Carbon is included at no extra cost. This is in addition to the carbon filter for water that comes standard with the distiller.  $14.95 value!

For EasyStill Instructions Click Here

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  • 5
    works quickly

    Posted by tom on Apr 17th 2014

    the details said it takes 3 hours to distilling. When I took this out, cleaned it and rinsed it, I put in 750ml of a mash, within 15 minutes out came the start of the distilled product. i finished within the hour, with no problems. works great, and easy to clean.

  • 5
    Highly recommended

    Posted by Arturo on Nov 29th 2012

    It works great! Easy to clean and operate, with really amazing results in the production of distillates!

  • 3
    New still

    Posted by David J. on Mar 19th 2012

    Well, i got it and tried my first batch over the weekend. Was surprised to get so much finished product, only it wasn't just alcohol. Looks like mine boiled the mash and I got a 25-30% alcohol content and almost 80% yield of the initial volume. Tested it by running the batch through again and it went down to 10% alcohol. Looks like mine didnt get the conversion coil or something. Not too happy with it as it is. Can i get a new lower heating coil for it? <br><b>As per the instructions at, you need to control how much distillate you collect. You cannot wait for the unit to shut off.</b>

  • 1
    Not a modified water distiller

    Posted by MH on Aug 7th 2010

    I have the same distiller for making distilled water and used it to test the Easystill as a comparison. I just ran the EasyStill with distilled water for the test. The heating element gets as just as hot (IR thermometer) and it boiled the water using the same wattage (kill-a-watt) as the non-modified water still. I haven't taken it apart, but I'd bet the chlorine vent is not closed as advertised. The water in the base was boiling and producing distilled water within 30 minutes - which actually is a little faster than the non-modified version. I Wasted my money, don't waste yours.

  • 5
    The Great Recycler

    Posted by Lawrence on Feb 25th 2010

    I distilled some cheap grappa and bad home made wine I had been given during the holidays and filtered it once through the charcoal. Came out a passable vodka-like spirit after just that one pass. Going to run it again to see if I can clean it up some more. The "Easyfilter" is a bit clumsy to set up. Filter paper tears too easily too. I followed a suggestion I had seen and cut out a piece from a 100% white cotton cloth. Worked great. This thing is the best for recycling all those crappy bottles of wine people give at xmas!!!!

  • 5
    So easy

    Posted by Jeff on Dec 5th 2009

    Made 5 gallons of sugar mash. Taking one plastic 4 ltr. container at a time, I distill out one quart of 60% every time. Double filter and it is perfect.

  • 5

    Posted by Vodka master on Jan 31st 2009

    Absolutely love it. Pretty much foolproof! I do have a few questions does one make brandy, whiskey etc..?? I have only made superb vodka with it and also am aware of the essences and use of those also. I am considering buying several small charred casks to do my own personal aging and that would do what I need I suppose... does one mix up a potato vodka mash or a grain\rye mash?? Please give me any info that is out there...and MANY thanks!! CHEERS!! :)

  • 5

    Posted by Jamesа on Nov 12th 2008

    I must admit, I was skeptical at first. But after making my first batch of spirit with this device IТm sold. Without filtering through the activated charcoal it was rather harsh, but after filtering it made a fine base. IТm happy to endorse this product.

  • 5
    easy is as easy does...

    Posted by na on Aug 27th 2008

    This thing is awesome, it is so easy to make just about anything, from brandy to favorite is a simple weintrobe that I make from store bought jugs 'o' wine....seriously if you want something simple and idiot proof, this is for you. I am so very happy with this product.