Essential Extractor Thumper for 15 Gallon Kettle

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Built to order. Please allow 6-8 weeks for production due to the pandemic.
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  • Thumper Condenser Add-on
  • Thumper Kettle Connection, 2"
  • Thumper Kettle Connection, 3"

This Essential Extractor Thumper is made from heavy gauge stainless steel, and is compatible with a 15-gallon kettle. We also have an 8-gallon-compatible thumper available. Distilling with a thumper will give you roughly the same finished product as running a pot distillation twice in order to increase proof and purity, which is why it can also be called a "doubler."


  • Made from 304L gauge stainless steel
  • 4" in diameter
  • Approx. 31" in height
  • Produces roughly the same finished product as running a pot distillation twice

Thumper Includes:

  • Diffusion screen to diffuse the incoming vapor, decreasing condensing time and improving thumper performance
  • 4" Clamp
  • 4" Gasket
  • Attachments for the kettle or condenser (selected from drop-down above as needed)

Condenser Add-On Includes:

  • 1/2" Clamps
  • 1/2" Gaskets
  • Liebig Condenser with ferrule

Kettle Connector Add-On Includes:

  • 1/2" Clamps
  • 1/2" Gaskets
  • 2" or 3" kettle connection
  • NOTE: The Kettle Connector Add-on does not come with a (2" or 3") tri-clamp or gasket because most people who order this already have a tri-clamp and gasket. If you do not already have a 3" tri-clamp with gasket, or a 2" tri-clamp with gasket, depending on the size of your kettle connection, please remember to purchase them separately.


  • A thumper is used in place of a distillation column and does not attach to any column. The thumper goes between the kettle and the condenser and acts as a distillation column itself.
  • Learn more about thumpers here.

*Most parts are laser welded.  For information on the benefits of laser welding click here.

Brewhaus stills come with a Lifetime Warranty against any defects in materials or workmanship.

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  • 5

    Posted by Jim on Sep 6th 2020

    Nice addition well made

  • 4

    Posted by Zachary Martin on May 18th 2019

    I am, for the most part, very pleased with this thumper. There are some minor issues with securing the thumper once it gets to working, but the end results are well worth the extra bit of work. The unit does an EXCELLENT job at infusing flavors to the end product!! Just add whatever flavor you want to infuse (I used apple juice) and run it low and slow. The elongated design is perfect for flavor and, in my opinion, yields far better results than a gin basket.

    My only real suggestion for improvement is to get a bigger/longer condenser. The end product comes out VERY hot, even when running low and slow.

    Overall, completely worth the money!!

  • 5
    15 gallon thumper

    Posted by Double Dan on Apr 14th 2018

    Use with copper mesh for even better reults.

  • 2

    Posted by Top on Oct 23rd 2017

    It also stands 5" taller than the pot it's supposed to go with. So if you have an electric heating element then you're going to need a few bricks under your pot. Not very well thought out fellas.

  • 2
    Thumper upgrade

    Posted by Top on Oct 23rd 2017

    I bought your 15 gl pot with thumper and you said i needed to upgrade to this thumper for it to work efficiently. Ok guess that might make sense but you didn't upgrade your condenser to match so that means it's a waste. Honestly I think the smaller thumper would work just fine with the 15 gl pot and the condenser you provided.