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Print our batch log for record keeping.

Seasoned brewers and distillers know to keep organized records for troubleshooting and batch history. Feel free to print our Batch Log and create your own Distillation Binder to stay organized. 

Detailed Information on Activated Carbon For Purification of Alcohol

We also have an abbreviated version here.

Siphon off sediment in a snap.

sediment-duting-fermentation.jpgWhen you start fermentation, wedge something under one side of your container so that all of the sediment will collect in one side of the bottom. You can use a door stop, a roll of tape, a book, a hockey puck—pretty much anything around that size. Then when you let it down, there’s no sediment. Simple!

Reflux Still Designs Explained: Part One and Part Two

There's a lot of debate over which type of moonshine still is the best, so we put together two blogs to explain the differences between some different designs and why we use our particular design for our Brewhaus stills.

Pot Distilling Cheat Sheet


We also have more detailed info on making cuts here.

Calculators and Conversions

How To Cure Your Oak Barrel

How To Age Spirits Faster


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