Turbo Yeast

A Turbo Yeast is an accelerated, high alcohol distillers yeast intended for fermentation of alcohol. We have sampled virtually all turbo yeast brands, and carry only the highest quality brands available. We advise caution when purchasing privately labeled distillers yeast and turbo yeast, as there is no guarantee of manufacturer, manufacturing process, or batch testing.

Turbo Yeast and Distillers Yeast Logos

Turbo Yeast Storage: Maintaining the freshness of our yeast
Proper turbo yeast storage can dramatically affect the yeast's viability and strength, not to mention the faster start times due to a higher live yeast count. To extend the life of our distillers yeast we store it in a custom climate controlled cold-room specifically for our turbo yeast.

All High Spirits Turbo Yeasts and Distiller's Yeasts are manufactured by Brewhaus in the USA and are Certified Kosher!  High Spirits Turbo Yeast and Distiller's Yeast are not just another brand relabeled.