Liquor Bottles

Brewhaus offers a complete line of glass alcohol bottles and liquor bottles for your homemade drinks. We work directly with the finest glass producers to bring you high quality bottles at great prices. It's hard to find glass bottles made for storing and aging alcohol. Many folks just use wine bottles for their homemade liquor, but it just isn't the same. Different liquors need flask bottles, square gin bottles, tequila style bottles, or other glass alcohol bottles.

Whether you are a distillery or a home distiller, we have lots of different alcohol bottle styles to choose from. Sizes range from 250ml flasks to 1.75L handles, from 6 to 24 to a case. Bottle caps and corks are sold separately from 6 to 12 per pack. Our most popular alcohol bottle style is the 250ml flask liquor bottles. These are the perfect size to give your favorite moonshine as gifts to friends and family.

Keep in mind that some styles of glass liquor bottles can vary slightly over time, like the Mexican Cream bottles. This is because most bottle producers don’t keep a standard mold for these particular bottles after a certain number of years. This means that some alcohol bottles, like the Mexican Cream, can have slightly different specs than Mexican Creams from 5 - 10 years ago. The most consistent alcohol bottle style over the years is the standard 750ml clear liquor bottle.

Note: Brewhaus America, Inc. cannot cover breakage on international shipments.