Oak Barrels & Chips

We literally searched the world for a top-notch cooperage to produce our Premium Oak Barrels. These barrels are made exclusively for Brewhaus by a commercial cooperage in Spain who also produces oak barrels for some of the biggest names in distilling. These are the real thing- a miniature commercial distillery barrel! 

Our barrels are made from superior quality American White Oak, cut thicker than the economy barrels from Mexico that are available so readily on the internet. The result is a considerably heavier barrel capable of long term aging. Our Premium Oak Barrels are fully finished with a water-based food grade stain and varnish, and are available either Fully Charred or Toasted. Each oak barrel also includes a pewter spigot and finished wooden stand with slots for glasses, making them excellent for both aging and for display. It is important that you cure your oak barrel prior to your first use.

Oak Chips and Oak Stix are less pricey alternatives to Oak Kegs when it comes to adding character and enhancing the flavor of your spirits. Learn more about Oak Chips and Oak Stix here.