We all know that the past couple of years have seen some dramatic changes, both in supply chains and cost of goods.  One dramatic increase that has affected us all is the cost of shipping.  We continue to see shipping costs rise on almost a weekly basis, but still strive to bring you free shipping on your orders shipping in the lower 48 states.  While that has become more challenging with increasing shipping rates, we are continuing to offer free shipping.

With our new website we can no longer select items that are excluded from free shipping, such as heavy items such as grains, or bulky items such as glass liquor bottles.  To accommodate for these items we have added a surcharge to offset the high relative shipping cost.  This is especially the case with bulk grains, as UPS and FedEx have both lowered their 'heavy' rating to 50lbs, meaning that bulk grains are automatically hit with a $35 per box fee for exceeding 50lbs.  As a result it is often better for you to purchase multiple 5lbs bags of grain to avoid this overweight fee.

In order to avoid increasing product prices across the board to help cover the increased shipping rates we have also found it necessary to increase the free shipping qualification to $149.

In this crazy world we will continue to adapt as necessary in our bid to continue to bring you free shipping on all of your distilling products.