Hotplate Adaptation

Please note that the following is an unsupported adaptation to the 1000W Solid Element Hotplate. This basic method will bypass the thermostatic control, eliminating cycling of heat during use.

NOTE: Never make any alterations to your hotplate while the hotplate is connected to a power source!

Never operate the hotplate without a product to be heated on the element, as the element may become damaged! 

pic1.jpg With the hotplate cool and disconnected from any power source, place it inverted on a solid surface.
pic5.jpg Remove the base of your hotplate by removing the single nut in the center of the bottom plate.
pic2.jpg Locate the control switch near the center of the hotplate.  Turn the control knob from maximum to minimum.  You will see a circuit move from closed to open.
pic3.jpg With a pair of pliers, gently squeeze the posts as shown to cause the circuit to remain closed.
pic4.jpg With the circuit permanently closed, replace the base of your hotplate.  The control knob on your hotplate will be permanently bypassed, and cycling of heat from your hotplate will be eliminated.

The above instructions are for informational purposes only. Use of the instructions above is done at the users' own risk.

Brewhaus (America) Inc. is not responsible for damages resulting from any unsupported adaptation of equipment, and adapting the equipment voids the manufacturer's warranty.