Moonshine Stills

Despite the name, this equipment can be used for much more than moonshine distilling. Stainless steel stills can be used to distill water, vinegar, essential oils, legally-produced alcohol, and more. The name "moonshine still" is just something that has stuck around from years ago because these types of stills can and have been used to distill—you guessed it—moonshine!

Our welders build a variety of types of stainless steel, high quality moonshine stills. You don't need a copper moonshine still to produce spirits, but you do need copper in your column. Copper is what helps neutralize the sulfur compounds that build up from fermenting. Sulfur compounds are what makes the mash smell and taste foul. Brewhaus sells the highest quality copper mesh to pack in your column to get rid of that unpleasant flavor and odor.

The type of still you need depends on what you're making. You want to use a pot still for making flavorful alcohol products, like whisky, rum, and brandy. For high proof, neutral spirits like vodka, you would use a reflux still. Gin is a bit different because you need an alcohol still with a gin basket to get those flavors from your botanicals. There are even different types of turbo yeast designed specifically for different types of spirits. Learn more about how to choose the right equipment for your needs here and here.

Remember, alcohol distillation requires licensing in many countries. Brewhaus discourages such use without approval by any regulating authority and is not liable for any illegal use of our stills.