Keg Kits

In addition to our complete moonshine stills we also offer keg kits, with all of the items in our complete distiller kits, but without the kettle, allowing you to attach to a standard beer keg or existing kettle.  This option is available for all of our most popular alcohol stills.

SKU Product name   Price    
80001001 Essential Extractor Pro Series II Keg Kit
  • 9% less
  • $319.99
80001301 Essential Extractor Gin Series Keg Kit
  • 30% less
  • $299.99
80001101 Essential Extractor PSII High Capacity Moonshine Still- Keg Kit
  • 10% less
  • $539.99
80001311 Essential Extractor High Volume Gin Series Keg Kit
  • 8% less
  • $599.99