Pot Stills

All of our moonshine stills are capable of performing pot distillation, which does not produce as high of a purity or alcohol content as reflux distillation. Reflux will give you a higher concentration of alcohol, but it has to remove the flavor in order to get to the highest proof possible.

If you're having trouble deciding which type of still to buy, think about your end product. Generally, we recommend you get a pot still if you're doing essential oils, whisky, rum, brandy, or schnapps. You would look more into reflux if you're doing fuel alcohol or high-proof vodka. Imagine you have a whisky that's 43% alcohol (86 proof), and think of the remaining 57% as what's giving the whisky its flavor. Now think about a 184 proof vodka  (92% alcohol). There's only 8% left for anything other than alcohol, so that's going to be practically flavorless, odorless, and clear. This is why a pot still is best if you want to run a mash that was fermented with grains, molasses, or fruit. Most folks will run a sugar wash through a reflux still. If they do run it in pot mode, they'll have to do several runs in order to get to a comparable purity of one run in reflux mode.

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