Stainless Steel Parrot

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Brewhaus' 12" tall Stainless Steel Distiller's Parrot is for proof testing inline as you distill. The Distiller's Parrot is connected between the condenser and collection container, which allows the distillate to flow through on its way to the collection container.

Although not required in order to start distilling, it's an added convenience to use the Distiller's Parrot to hold your alcoholmeter and take real-time readings of your alcohol percentage during the distillation process. Without a parrot, you collect your distillate in a collection container and then use the alcoholmeter to test what you've collected. The goal is to test the alcohol percentage/proof of the distillate as you go and use that percentage as a guide (along with temperature) to decide where to make your cuts.

The Distiller's Parrot attaches to condensers on most moonshine stills regardless whether you are using a pot distiller column, a reflux column, or a gin series column. Note that our Flute Moonshine Stills have a built-in Distiller's Parrot, so you do not need to order an additional parrot if you have one of our flute distillation columns.

*Most parts are laser welded.  For information on the benefits of laser welding click here.

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  • 5
    this thing is a MUST, particularly if you are running without a temperature control.

    Posted by David Howard on Mar 28th 2018

    Provides an instantaneous proof reading for efficient cuts. A must.

  • 5
    Stainless Steel Parrot

    Posted by Norm on Jan 20th 2018

    Have not used yet but finish of product is great

  • 5

    Posted by Jason on Oct 23rd 2017

    Love it!

  • 4
    Warped base

    Posted by Docbot on Jan 26th 2017

    Great addition to my kit but it has one manufacturing defect - the base is warped. It will not sit steady on a flat surface. It rocks, if you know what I mean! My guess is that the base got overheated in the welding process. I think I would still recommend it but I think for real stability you will need to make some wooden or other custom base that makes it more stable.

  • 5
    More of a question

    Posted by Fernando on Apr 14th 2016

    I am certain the product will be great. Question about the parrot. I do not see a vent hole on the picture will mine have one? Update: The product is excellent as expected and it does come with a vent pipe. Wish they would update the Pic on the site only because I almost did not buy it because of the pic.

  • 5

    Posted by Tim on Apr 1st 2016

    Very high quality - shipped fast. Would love a pre-drilled hole in the base but otherwise perfect.

  • 5
    A Piece of Art

    Posted by Shorty on Mar 18th 2015

    Brewhaus quality as usual! This thing is a piece of functional art. I never closely look at a piece Of equipment built by Brewhaus without being impressed by the workmanship. It also adds a nice refinement to any still setup, just like all the big boy!

  • 4

    Posted by Mark on Jul 1st 2014

    Hey, this is great quality and workmanship. Has the hole, but lacks one thing. Picture showed holes in the base for solid mounting, but mine came with none. Just needs one hole in the base to secure it thereby eliminating surprises and "upsets".

  • 5
    This thing is Amazing!

    Posted by Matt on Jun 11th 2014

    I'm absolutely in love with this Parrot. I picked one up at my LHBS and i was skeptical at first but it came through in spades. I can't believe i ever even questioned it. I have a PSII Extractor and it fits perfectly with the chem hosing that my setup came with. Another flawless Brewhaus product.