Starter Kit- Gold

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  • Fermenter- 32L w/Lid and Grommet
  • Thermometer- Stick-On
  • Brewhaus Equipment Cleaner, 2oz
  • Brewhaus Equipment Rinse, 2oz
  • Airlock
  • Plastic Spoon
  • Stainless Steel Siphon w/Clear PVC Tubing
  • Alcoholmeter- 30cm- Premium
  • Hydrometer- 30cm- dual scale- Premium
  • Activated Stone Carbon- Premium Grade, 0.4-0.85mm
  • Filter Unit
  • Funnel
  • High Spirits Turbo 48

This is Brewhaus' most complete starter kit with everything you need to start fermenting for making wine, beer, liqueurs, and more, plus several of the most popular items for new brewers and distillers. What sets this Gold starter kit apart from the Silver is the addition of the Standard Filter Unit and Funnel. This is literally everything you need to start fermenting today and filtering to produce pure, neutral spirits.


  • Standard Filter Unit, made from chemical-tolerant, ABS plastic with checmical-tolerant, food-grade sealant. It comes with an RF clamp, funnel holder, and a starter pack of filter papers.
  • Large-capacity Funnel, 220mm in diameter and made of chemical-tolerant plastic
  • Premium Grade Activated Stone Carbon (0.4 - 0.85 mm)
  • 32L (6.5 US gallons) fermenting bucket made from food-grade, chemical-resistant PP plastic
  • Stick-on Thermometer
  • 3-piece airlock
  • Brewhaus Equipment Cleaner, an Alkaline, non-toxic cleaner made specifically for cleaning stainless steel, soft metals, and plastics
  • Brewhaus Equipment Rinse, a non-chorinated final rinse safe for use on stainless steel, soft metals, and plastics
  • Sparkolloid Clearing Agent, a proprietary blend of polysaccharides in a diatomacious earth carrier specially formulated for superior clarification
  • Dual-scale Premium Laboratory-grade Hydrometer with both Specific Gravity Scale and Potential Alcohol Scale, 0.980 to 1.170 Specific Gravity reading
  • Premium Alcoholmeter for reading alcohol content in distilled spirits, 0% - 100% abv / 0 - 200 proof reading
  • Glass Testing Cylinder
  • 18" plastic mixing spoon with extra long handle
  • Stainless Steel Siphon w/Clear PVC Tubing for use with lower proof product (20% abv and lower)


  • For tips on how to use activated carbon, read this blog, and for more detailed information about how to perform activated carbon filtration, check out this free e-book.
  • For more tips and news, check out our Brewhaus blog.

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  • 2
    starter kit gold

    Posted by gordon on Feb 19th 2015

    seeing how you classed it as a "starter kit" you would figure for $126.00,you would include a book of receips for us novice brewers.....i don`t see the value of it at all.and assembly instuctions are flimsy as well.very dissatisfied and disappointed and feel i got taken.

  • 4
    Only one thing missing

    Posted by RoyseCityRed on Feb 21st 2013

    The kit is very complete and will save you time and effort sourcing all these parts seperately. Only one thing is missing - PH testing method!! Please consider adding strips or the meter that brewhaus sells to the kit. I'm sure that folks would be glad to pay jes' a bit more for this kit and have the PH testing equipment versus having to go and source ph testing strips or a device.

  • 5
    Great Product

    Posted by BayouRuler on Jul 1st 2010

    This is a quality kit that includes everything you need to get started!. Highly recommended!

  • 4
    filter unit needs improvement

    Posted by Rod on Aug 13th 2009

    This kit does have everything you need to distill your mash from start to finish. The turbo pure 48 yeast was amazing (That's the only yeast i'll ever buy again!). My only complaint is with the filter unit. When assembled and mounted it's like 7ft tall, and to mount this thing is another project itself. I won't get into the details, but i used a L-bracket,piece of 2x4,piece of plywood,two u-bolts, and screws to assemble. The funnel just does this balancing act on top of the unit, no secure way to mount it. Just not userfriendly, Like to see some kind of a z frame design system.