Starter Kit- Silver

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  • Fermenter- 32L w/Lid and Grommet
  • Thermometer- Stick-On
  • Brewhaus Equipment Cleaner, 2oz
  • Airlock
  • Plastic Spoon
  • Stainless Steel Siphon w/Clear PVC Tubing
  • Alcoholmeter- 30cm- Premium
  • Hydrometer- 30cm- dual scale- Premium
  • Activated Stone Carbon- Premium Grade, 0.4-0.85mm
  • High Spirits Turbo 48

This is a complete fermentation starter kit with all of the necessary items to start fermenting when making wine, beer, liqueurs, and more.

What makes the Silver Starter Kit a step up from the Bronze is that the Silver kit also includes Premium Grade Activated Stone Carbon for filtering in order to achieve a pure, neutral spirit. Carbon filtration is not suggested for product where residual flavor is desired, such as whisky, rum, or schnapps. One 1.7L bag is sufficient to use with a 1.5" x 60" filter unit, such as our Standard Filter Unit, in addition to our Stainless Steel Filter System.


  • Premium Grade Activated Stone Carbon (0.4 - 0.85 mm)
  • 32L (6.5 US gallons) fermenting bucket made from food-grade, chemical-resistant PP plastic
  • Stick-on Thermometer
  • 3-piece airlock
  • Brewhaus Equipment Cleaner, an Alkaline, non-toxic cleaner made specifically for cleaning stainless steel, soft metals, and plastics
  • Brewhaus Equipment Rinse, a non-chorinated final rinse safe for use on stainless steel, soft metals, and plastics
  • Sparkolloid Clearing Agent, a proprietary blend of polysaccharides in a diatomacious earth carrier specially formulated for superior clarification
  • Dual-scale Premium Laboratory-grade Hydrometer with both Specific Gravity Scale and Potential Alcohol Scale, 0.980 to 1.170 Specific Gravity reading
  • Premium Alcoholmeter for reading alcohol content in distilled spirits, 0% - 100% abv / 0 - 200 proof reading
  • Glass Testing Cylinder
  • 18" plastic mixing spoon with extra long handle
  • Stainless Steel Siphon w/Clear PVC Tubing for use with lower proof product (20% abv and lower)


  • For tips on how to use activated carbon, read this blog, and for more detailed information about how to perform activated carbon filtration, check out this free e-book.
  • For more tips and news, check out our Brewhaus blog.

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    Works Great!!!!

    Posted by Fatguy on Oct 17th 2009

    Works great, only prob. was figuring out the rest of the process for extracting to the distiller,(if i was saposto still the mesh defor extraction or not.) (your not) if you do you will get a horrable headache.