The Brewhaus Difference

Being the largest and oldest small scale distiller producer in North America, we are able to deal directly with mills for our stainless steel tubing. Due to our purchasing volume, we are able to obtain the highest grade tubing at lower prices, allowing us to bring to you unparalleled value. We are concerned with not only showmanship but more importantly the quality of our moonshine stills, alcohol stills, distillation columns, and distilling supplies and therefore use only dairy grade beverage tubing for all of our distillation columns. This is the same tubing authorized for use in dairies and breweries, and is polished both inside and out.

Possibly the most important and dramatic difference is in our kettles. We do not use ‘dairy pails’ or 'milk cans'. This is extremely important because dairy pails and other utility grade parts are not intended for welding or heating, therefore the allowance for impurities in the stainless steel is higher. Some of these impurities can vaporize at a lower temperature than the stainless steel itself, resulting in pinholes in the kettle over time. Our kettle parts are custom made with our own moulds, from cookware grade stainless steel, resulting in the highest quality kettles available for a small scale distiller. In fact, we know of no other producer using cookware grade stainless steel for their kettles.

Brewhaus is also the only producer using special, chemical tolerant distillate tubing. While PVC tubing is acceptable for the cooling water supplied to your distiller, it is not tolerant to many chemicals. We use only a highly chemical-tolerant silicone tube produced by a pharmaceutical tubing supplier. How do you tell what you have? If the tubing is clear and flexible, it is most likely PVC.

Material Handling

Use of superior quality parts means little if the stainless steel is not handled properly. Improper handling, or the use of incorrect equipment such as chop saws, can actually harm the stainless and impair its ability to protect itself, resulting in corrosion and rusting. Our material handling is unmatched in the small scale distiller industry. We use equipment that is made for handling of stainless steel in order to ensure that the integrity of the stainless is maintained, ensuring trouble-free use.

Superior Workmanship

After ensuring that we use the best quality parts available, and that those parts are handled correctly, we must make certain that the welding matches that level of quality. Simply stated, our welding is unrivaled. We receive compliments almost on a daily basis regarding the welding quality, and this is something that we take great pride in. Even the polishing of our welds is done only with material made specifically for use with stainless steel, followed by pressure testing to ensure the integrity of every weld. In fact, all of our parts are individually hand-made to exacting standards. Each weld is then hand-polished, and finally tested to as much as 25 times its operating pressure to ensure a long, trouble-free life.