High Spirits Whisky Distillers Yeast with AG

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Kosher Certified:
Ferment Time:
4 - 6 days
Max % ABV:
Yield in Gallons:
Ferment Temperature:
70F and 90F (21C to 32C)
  • 25g sachet (0.9 oz)
  • Each sachet yields 6.6 US Gallons (25L)
  • Certified Kosher (Pareve)
  • Urea Free

High Spirits Whisky Yeast with Gluco-Amylase Enzyme uses a specialized whisky yeast strain, combined with micro nutrients and gluco-amylase enzyme for maximum flavor and a strong fermentation. Use of a whisky yeast strain increases congener production, resulting in more flavor and aroma, while the addition of micro nutrients ensures healthy yeast growth and minimum negative byproducts. Gluco-amylase enzyme breaks down carbohydrates into fermentable sugars, getting the most alcohol from your grain. 

Whisky Yeast contains no macro-nutrients, and is intended for grain mash fermentation. and is used in some of the finest whisky distilleries in the world.

Guidelines for Use:

  • High Spirits brand Whisky Yeast is produced in the USA and has been sold to distilleries for years, and is now available in single-use sachets. 
  • This formulation is made up of a commercial distillery yeast strain with amyloglucosidase, an enzyme used to break down non-fermtable sugars to fermentable sugars in corn and grain mashes. It ferments extremely efficiently, improving yield.
  • To avoid contamination, no starter culture is suggested.

1. Add whisky yeast directly to mash below 95F (35C).
2. Ferment between 70F and 90F (21C to 32C).

Ingredients: Specially Selected Whiskey Yeast, Gluco-Amylase Enzyme, Micro-Nutrient

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  • 5
    Yeast work very well.

    Posted by Scooter Foreman on May 22nd 2021

    Works great on sour mash runs. Have made 4 runs off of same yeast.

  • 5
    the whisky yeast worked very well.

    Posted by Bruce Thomas on Nov 22nd 2020

    will be ordering more soon, thank you.

  • 5
    High Spirits whiskey yeast

    Posted by River Hill Distillery on Apr 13th 2020

    Excellent product at a fair price

  • 5
    Whiskey yeast

    Posted by Ronald on May 13th 2019

    Worked just fine

  • 4
    High Spirits Whisky Yeast

    Posted by Unknown on Feb 11th 2019

    Works great as long as you don't start with a high specific gravity. Works like a champ up to 13 to 14% abv.

  • 4
    High Spirits Whiskey Yeast

    Posted by David Moody on Feb 5th 2019

    Works great even with mash with high starch content

  • 5
    Whiskey yeast

    Posted by Terry on Jan 19th 2019

    Good stuff, it took right off

  • 5
    High Spirits whiskey yeast

    Posted by John the cooking man on Jan 19th 2019

    This stuff is one of the best low-cost yeast that a man can use to make a good match it's not quick 6 to 10 days but you got a good product I appreciate it Brewhouse thank you

  • 4
    Whiskey yeast

    Posted by Daniel on Sep 24th 2018

    Works as promised