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The first fully chemical tolerant siphon available, The Ultimate Siphon™ combines fast transferring speed with extreme chemical resistance, and is tolerant to extreme heat.
Made of Type 316 Stainless Steel and our pharmaceutical grade Chemical Tolerant Silicone tubing, this is likely the last siphon you will ever need. Includes an anti-sediment tip to reduce carry over of sediment.

Do not be fooled by companies using clear PVC tubing on their siphon. While it is much lower in cost, PVC tubing has a poor resistance rating to ethanol and can leach plasticizers. The Ultimate Siphon™ uses pharmaceutical grade silicone tubing with an excellent resistance rating to ethanol, combined with a Type 316 stainless steel racking cane for the highest resistance of any stainless steel siphon.

  • Type 316, 1/2" Diameter Stainless Steel Racking Cane
  • 5' Pharamaceutical Grade Silicone Tubing for maximum ethanol resistance
  • ABS Anti-sediment tip

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  • 2
    could not get it working

    Posted by na on May 12th 2008

    could not get this thing wroking. tried the baster thingy, still no result...

  • 5
    EXCELLENT siphon!!!

    Posted by Carolina Shining on Jan 21st 2007

    this siphon is the best i've seen. it is nearly indestructable (made of SS) and comes with a large enough diamteter hose to siphon 25 L in just a couple minutes. HIGHLY recommend this siphon for any siphoning uses!

  • 1

    Posted by na on Jan 21st 2007

    i have not been able to get a flow from this siphon unless using a pump. when hooking to a pump the line colapes.<br><b>Reply from Brewhaus</b> Due to the large size of this siphon, it is easiest to start by priming (ie. filling the siphon with water). With the siphon full, place the stainless steel racking cane into the liquid to be transferred, lower the siphon hose to the receiving container, and release. The siphon will start automatically.