It has been a rough few weeks waiting on our latest shipment to be released, and it left our inventory on many liquor essences and turbo yeasts quite depleted. Well, our shipment is finally here, and most of the out of stock items are back in stock and ready to ship!

Choose from a variety of liquor essences, including gin essences, vodka essences, Ultra Premium essences, rum essences, fruity shot essences, and more. Simply follow the directions on the bottle to blend with any neutral spirit of your choice--even store-bought vodka. You can even mix essences to create your own custom flavors.

Prestige Turbo Yeasts are also back in stock, fresh off the boat from Sweden. Gert Strand's turbo yeasts and liquor essences are very popular, so order now to ensure you don't miss out on our latest shipment. Because Brewhaus imports these items directly from Sweden, it can take a couple of months between the time we place an order and when it actually arrives at our warehouse. If you need turbo yeast, now is the time to buy!