While it has technically been available for about four years, Brewhaus’ Gin Series moonshine still is considered a new item as it has just recently been added to our standard lineup. Our Gin Series Moonshine Still has been made on request for hobbyists and small craft distilleries, but remained a custom production item until increasing requests prompted us to go into full production of the distillation columns.

The unique design of our Gin Distillation Column allows it to be set up many different ways, making it the most versatile distiller on the market. By incorporating a gin basket that is the same diameter as the rest of the distillation column, our gin column can be set up to operate just as our Pro Series II and High Capacity forced reflux distillers. This design also gives you two ‘gin basket’ options- a 5″ basket that is suitable for most infusions, and a 20″ basket for use with large amounts of botanicals. Our Gin Series columns can also be set up as an alembic style distiller, pot distiller, or column distiller.

While obviously built with the intention of distilling gin, with the versatility of these distillation columns you can distill virtually anything, such as water, essential oils, whisky, rum, vodka, and anything where you would like to infuse flavor and aroma.

Made by Brewhaus right here in the USA, our gin series moonshine stills are built to last, and just like the rest of our Essential Extra