Gluco-Amylase Enzyme (Amyloglucosidase), 2oz

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Gluco Amylase Enzyme is added to your mash to convert dextrins (a type of carbohydrate) into fermentable sugars and is most often used when producing whisky.

Quick Tips

  • Gluco Amylase is often used in fermenting all-grain recipes for craft spirits
  • Add Gluco to your mash at room temperature
  • Gluco is only used in fermenting light beers because the Gluco breaks everything down to the point that you have a very low-bodied (and often dry) beer
  • Although Gluco is perfect with something like baker's yeast, you don't need to add it if you're using many turbo yeasts so check your yeast's label

2oz (57g)

Use 50g - 100g oer 100-lb of grain or starch.