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  • Choosing the right Moonshine Still

    Choosing the best alcohol still doesn’t have to be difficult. Generally, if you know that you will only ever distill by pot distillation then you can save some money by purchasing a dedicated pot distiller. Otherwise, it is best to purchase a multi-piece reflux still column, as it will be able to operate as either a pot distiller or reflux moonshine still. If you are still unsure, we are here to help!

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  • High Spirits Turbo Yeast


    Other companies use private labeled yeast, which means that they put their label on another brand's yeast and resell it as their own. That's fine, but it's not what we do. High Spirits yeast is made in-house from our own recipes developed from more than four years of development and is exclusive to Brewhaus and stores who buy from us.

    What sets High Spirits turbo yeast apart is that High Spirits does not contain urea. In fermentation, urea can produce ethyl carbamate, which has been found to cause cancer. It has even been banned in beverage alcohol production in some countries. If the label doesn't specifically say that there's no urea in it, then your yeast might contain urea.

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