Prestige Turbo Pure 48 Turbo Yeast

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Turbo Pure 48 will ferment 6-8kg of sugar in a 25L wash in as little as 2 days. The Turbo Pure 48 is specially designed for a pure fermentation, and offers the lowest volatile production yeast available plus special anti-volatile producing agents, and a combination of nutrients and minerals for rapid fermentation. Turbo Pure 48 is very temperature tolerant, and can ferment in ambient temperatures up to 95 degrees, although it is best to maintain ambient temperatures of 85 degrees or lower.

  • 135g sachet (4.75 oz)
  • Each sachet yields 6.6 US Gallons (25L)
  • Best for small batch fermentation

Guidelines for Use:

  • For a pure fermentation the air temp must be maximum 30°C (86°F) 6 kg (13 lbs) sucrose 20°C (68°F) Amb, 2 days and 30°C (86°F)Amb 1-2 days 7 kg (15 lbs) sucrose 20°C (68°F) Amb, 4 days and 30°C (86°F)Amb 2-3 days 8 kg (17 lbs) sucrose 20°C (68°F) Amb, / days and 30°C (86°F)Amb 4-5 days.
  • NEVER make more than 25L in one batch with Turbo Pure 48 Turbo Yeast.

1. Dissolve 6-8 kg (13 -17 lbs) sugar into 8 liter (2 US gallons) hot water. Make sure the sugar has completely dissolved before continuing.
2. Top up to 25 liter (6.5 US Gallon) with cold water.
3. Make sure the liquid temperature is below 40°C (104°F) then add the Turbo Yeast sachet. Continue to stir until no more yeast particles are visible.
4. Allow to ferment at 20-30°C (68-86°F) air temperature for 2-7 days.

Ingredients: Active Dried Yeast, Yeast Nutrients (Ammonium Phosphate (Dibasic), Magnesium Sulfate), Trace Vitamins and Minerals

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  • Max % abv
  • Ferment Time
    2 - 7 days
  • Ferment Temperature
    68 - 86F (20 - 30C)
Customer reviews
Average rating:
4.85 (Votes: 34)
Rating of votes (34)
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  • Cliff Armstrong
    Dec 30, 2020, 12:00 AM
    Best yeast in the world . Damn fedex the freight was over $100 Canadian but the yeast was well worth it
  • Lester E Loyer
    Aug 9, 2020, 12:00 AM
    Great . This yeast is fast and has a good taste
  • richard johnson
    Jul 15, 2020, 12:00 AM
    have been using prestige turbo yeast for several years and have tried other yeast but prefer 48 hr prestige turbo as it ferments nice and clean giving me a product that has few if any after tastes.. Will always use prestige 48hr turbo if it is available
  • Alaskan Bob
    Jul 14, 2020, 12:00 AM
    The Best. I have been using this for around ten years. I have tried others only to be disappointed, usually with the flavor and often they do not reaching the potential that Turbo Pure does. Also Brewhause always has fresh stock.
  • robert garringer
    Jan 18, 2020, 12:00 AM
    yeast . I have been using this yeast for 8 years and it has never let me down. I use 4 sacks per fifty five gallon mash and i get 16 percent out of it .no nasty smell the hearts are 160 proof and are very smooth. I filter and age the hearts and poeple say its better that gentleman jack. So that is impressive.

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