Brewhaus is pleased to announce that the Hobby Distiller’s Association (HDA) has been successful in getting a section added to the Craft Beverage Modernization and Tax Reform Act of 2015 that has the potential to legalize home distilling federally within the next year. The section of this bill, which under Title V – Distilled Spirits, Sec. 502. Exemption of home distillery establishments from certain taxation and bonding requirements, was introduced to the Senate on June 11 by Senator Wyden (D-OR) and was introduced in the House on June 25.

Don’t Celebrate Just Yet!

Although the bill has been introduced into both the Senate and the House, it has NOT been voted on by either one yet, and we need this bill to pass in order for home distilling to become legal federally. Keep in mind that there are still some organizations out there that would not like to see hobby distilling legalized and could potentially try to have our part of the bill removed. Now is more important than ever to show your support for home distilling and contact your representatives to let them know that the public wants this bill passed!

Brewhaus is Proud To Support This Cause

Brewhaus owner Rick Morris is also the Chair of the HDA, and he has personally visited Washington DC several times in the past year to join the HDA’s lobbyist in meetings with legislators and aides in regards to this section of the bill. In fact, Brewhaus has been covering all expenses that exceed the HDA’s funding from membership dues in order to continue to pay the HDA’s lobbyist over the past year, now totaling nearly $55,000, with a shortfall of more than $35,000 being covered by Brewhaus in order to keep our effort moving forward. All of us here at Brewhaus are excited to have played some small role in the development of this bill that will benefit all of us who share a love of fine craft beverages, from hobbyists to our fellow manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers.

Keep On Keepin’ On

If this bill passes, we could see home distilling become federally legal as early as 2016, making it also legal at that time in at least 8 states. That means people from up to 42 states will still have some work to do in order to fully legally practice the hobby in their home state. As home distillers, we’ve never been so close to seeing our hobby legalized in the US! If you’re not already a member of the HDA, now would be a good time to join. If/when the bill passes and home distilling becomes legal federally, the HDA will start focusing on getting it legalized in the states where it will remain illegal.

This is it, folks! Let’s make it happen!