After years of research, development, and fine-tuning, we are pleased to reveal Rick's latest brainchild, High Spirits essences! Our new line of 35 premium essences is manufactured by Brewhaus right here in our Texas warehouse. All 35 essences are available in 40ml foil pouches, which are lighter than glass bottles, meaning that they're less expensive to ship and not as likely to break during shipping. Of the 35 flavors, 16 are available in bulk-sized, re-closable 16-oz pouches to save you money on the most popular types that you're likely to use often.

Research and Development

High Spirits essences have been in development since 2010. For taste-testing, we combined the essence prototypes with cheap, store-bought vodka and then provided our feedback. We got to sample all 35 flavors that are now available in addition to other flavors while Rick was fine-tuning the essences' recipes. Rick also submitted his essences to colleagues that have experience in specific types of spirits, such as gin, rum, and various whiskies. Then Rick collected everyone's feedback, tweaked the recipes as needed, and the testing process continued. Finally, Rick had nearly 50 different styles of essences. Through additional testing and feedback, we selected the best 35 of the group that would be produced. Once the essences were finalized, Rick furnished our warehouse for mass production, ordering all the necessary equipment for Brewhaus to produce the entire line of essences in-house here in Texas.

Brand new Flavors

In addition to already-popular essences, Rick wanted to create new flavors that haven't been as accessible, so he started experimenting. This led to the creation of High Spirits Chili Vodka liquor essence, which is infused with chili pepper to deliver a nice spicy heat. Another new flavor is High Spirits Mocha Liqueur Essence, which delivers the flavor of rich chocolate and dark coffee. We're also introducing High Spirits Wildberry Schnapps Essence, a fruity schnapps liqueur with strong berry flavors like strawberry, blueberry, and raspberry. Another new one is High Spirits Butter Brickle Schnapps, smooth and creamy in all of its butterscotch glory. Rick has also crafted High Spirits Tropical Fruit Liquor Essence, which creates a light, punchy and fruit vodka that is excellent in mixed drinks.

High Quality Gold Label Flavors

The flavors of whiskies and bourbon are notoriously difficult to capture in a bottle of essence. Rick spent extra time developing the Gold Label division of High Spirits essences, which are slightly more expensive because of their unique blend of premium ingredients and complexity. The Gold Label line is comprised of superior-quality ingredients in order to replicate the desired flavor as closely as possible. Our testers agreed that spirits made with these essences were closer to the intended flavor than any other they had tried tat was made with a similar essence from a different brand. We hope that you'll agree.

We appreciate feedback from our customers, so please don't hesitate to leave a review on the product page for the High Spirits essences that you try--or any other product for that matter! Your feedback helps us to understand what works and what doesn't, so we know when we need to make an improvement as well as when not to mess with anything. We hope you enjoy our new High Spirits essences!