It is time to get involved… First off, I would like to thank everyone on the Brewhaus Forum who has been involved in the discussions on how to best proceed in an attempt to legalize hobby distilling, most notably JB and Alli. Now it is time for everyone else to do their part to make sure that we put forth a strong effort, and create the best chance of actually getting things changed for the hobby distiller. To that end, a proposal is attached below that can be sent to your Federal Representatives and Senators. The more people that take this step, the greater the chance of getting enough support in Congress to actually get the law changed to essentially allow hobby distilling under the same umbrella as home brewing and winemaking. Do not simply say that it cannot work. New Zealand is (relatively) recent proof to the contrary. Their laws changed to allow hobby distilling in 1996. It can be done!

We are starting by contacting Federal Senators and Representatives. Although in some states, it is illegal even to own a moonshine still, there are other states where the local laws would allow for hobby distilling if it were to be legal Federally. Once hobby distilling is legal on the Federal level, several states will enjoy the legalization of home distilling immediately whereas other states will still need to address their own local laws in order for it to become legal there. This is the same approach that homebrewers took when they started working towards the legalization of homebrewing.

Alli has graciously offered to keep a spreadsheet of all representatives contacted and their responses, as that will help us to gauge both our efforts and the support that we receive. You can send that information to Alli via the forums, or directly to his e-mail address-

If you want this hobby brought out of the dark then please put in this small amount of effort. Do not just sit back and wait for others to do it. We need to show the government that this is a strong group, and that it should be afforded the same rights as home brewing and winemaking- it is simply an extension of those hobbies, and the next logical step in the hobby.

If you stand to gain from changing the law surrounding hobby distilling, then please do your part to help change it.

--Rick Morris


Find your US Representative-

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