Moonshine Still Options

Options & Upgrades

There are many options for you to select when ordering a distiller from Brewhaus, making it possible to almost completely customize your moonshine still.  A description of those options is below.

Kettle Selection
All Brewhaus kettles include an aluminum diffuser plate.  This helps diffuse the heat to avoid 'hot spots' and scorching, and also protects the bottom of the kettle from damage due to excessive heat.
8 Gallon Kettle8 Gallon Premium Kettle
This is the most popular kettle option.  It is made with heavier gauge metal than the standard kettle, and has a removable lid to give full access to the kettle for easy cleaning.  The Sure Seal
TM lid gives a vapor-tight seal, and the wide base and low height make this kettle more stable than most other kettle designs.  A higher grade of stainless steel make the premium kettle extremely corrosion resistant, however, the use of such a high grade of stainless steel make this kettle unusable on induction heat.
15 Gallon Kettle 15  Gallon Premium Kettle
Brewhaus' 15 gallon premium kettle is made using the same moulds and grade of stainless steel as our 8 gallon premium kettle.  The 15 gallon kettle is approximately 10" taller than the 8 gallon kettle, nearly doubling the total volume.
 Premium Kettle
1 inch Coupling 1" NPT Couplings 
 NPT Couplings can be added to your premium kettle to allow you the option of using internal heating elements to heat your distiller.  Because of the lighter gauge material, couplings cannot be added to our standard kettles.
1 inch NPT Plug 1 " NPT Plugs
 NPT plugs can be used to seal NPT couplings when they are not in use.
 Column Packing
Copper MeshCopper Mesh
 Copper mesh is our most popular column packing as copper can neutralize sulfur compounds formed during fermentation as the vapor flows through it.  If kept clean, copper column packing can last a very long time.
Ceramis Raschig RingsCeramic Raschig Rings
 Ceramic Raschig Rings offer the greatest combination of surface area and void space (air space), resulting in slightly higher proof from most reflux distillations.  They are much easier to keep clean than copper mesh, and can last almost forever.
Laboratory Thermometer Laboratory Thermometer
 This is a standard grade, liquid filled thermometer.  It reads in both Fahrenheit (0oF - 230oF) and Celsius (-10oC - 110oC).
Digital Thermometer Digital Thermometer
 This is a standard grade digital thermometer with a swivel head.  It reads in both Fahrenheit (-58oF - 572oF) and Celsius (-50oC - 300oC).
Solar Digital Thermometer Solar Digital Thermometer
 The Solar Digital Thermometer is a high-grade meter with a high degree of accuracy (+/-1%).  It has a stainless steel body and probe, with a swivel heat and built-in 1/2" NPT coupling.  The Solar Digital Thermometer runs on solar power with a battery backup.  The Fahrenheit version has a range of -50oF - 320oF, and the Celsius version has a range of -50oC - 160oC.

The Solar Digital Thermometer upgrade includes the Solar Digital Thermometer, Tri-Clamp End Cap with 1/2" NPT coupling, Tri-Clamp, Gasket, and the addition of a Tri-Clamp ferrule to the top of the distiller column.

 Stainless Steel Parrot
Distiller's Parrot Stainless Steel Parrot
 The Stainless Steel Parrot enables you to take real-time proof readings when you distill alcohol by connecting the parrot to the output from your distiller.
In addition to the above options, we are also able to do custom work to your specifications.  Please inquire if you are interested in custom work.