Brewhaus kettles (or boilers) are custom-made with our own moulds using cookware-grade stainless steel--these are not ‘dairy pails’ or 'milk cans', which are not intended for welding or heating. In those 'dairy pails,' the allowance for impurities in the stainless steel is higher, and some of those impurities can vaporize at a lower temperature than the stainless steel itself, resulting in pinholes in the kettle over time.

Our kettle lids are customized by our in-house welder based on the size of your column and type of fitting you need, which is why there is often a lead time before your kettle will ship. However, many customers go out of their way to let us know that their kettle was definitely worth the wait. For more information on the quality of our moonshine stills, distillation columns, and boiler kettles, click here.

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