A completely new method of heating your moonshine still, our new 1500W Stainless Steel Band Heater offers more efficient heat than an electric hotplate. The surface area of the band heater is considerably greater than that of a hotplate, and by wrapping the heater around the kettle you dramatically increase the area being used to heat the liquid in the kettle. An additional benefit of the band heater is that, unlike conventional heat sources such as a hotplate or propane burner, it does not heat from the bottom of the moonshine still kettle. This is especially beneficial for an alcohol still, as any residual yeast, grain, fruit pulp, etc., can settle to the bottom of the kettle. Heating your kettle from the bottom can scorch this material to the kettle, which can be difficult to clean and even cause damage to your kettle.

Our band heaters have been custom made to fit the Brewhaus 8 gallon and 15 gallon premium moonshine still kettles. Because band heaters must fit tightly around the container that they are heating our band heaters work exclusively with our moonshine still kettles.