You asked for it, and now you can have it- a heavy-duty stainless steel thumper from Brewhaus! Our thumper (also known as a doubler) is made from 4″ stainless steel tubing, so it will last you virtually forever.

Using a thumper is similar to doing two runs in a moonshine still, which provides you with increased purity and alcohol percentage. Note that this does not double the alcohol percentage, but one run in a thumper will give you a higher alcohol percentage than two runs in a moonshine still.

Our thumper design optimizes its effectiveness by being tall and slender, forcing a longer contact time between the incoming vapor and the liquid in the thumper. To further improve the heat transfer that takes place inside the thumper we add a diffusion screen to the inlet. This results in smaller bubbles, which are condensed more readily, improving the overall function of the thumper.

Finally, you can purchase the thumper as a base model (as shown) and connect to your kettle using 1/2″ tubing, or you can purchase a kettle connection and/or condenser, which can attach to the thumper with simple tri-clamp connections.

Want a larger thumper? Just ask us. We can increase the height of the thumper on demand, and even custom build on request!