Yes, it is that time again- new products are here! We have three new items, and an item revived and long forgotten, I am sure.

First the yeast. Gert Strand’s new Black Bull Turbo Yeast is a low-cost option that can ferment a sugar wash up to 18% in as little as 5-6 days. It is a clean fermenting yeast, comparing to the Black Label Turbo Yeast for speed, but at a lower cost.

Next, the liquor essences. We start with an old favorite- Compadre Red Italian Bitter essence, which is a Black Label level essence, and makes a great apertif. We also have two new essences: Black Baccara Rum essence and Tango Gin essence. Black Baccara Rum is a strong, dark, heavy rum reminiscent of blackstrap molasses rum from the Caribbean. Tango Gin is a clean gin with a high juniper content, similar in flavor to Tangueray Gin*.

Try them all, and watch for more new products in the near future!

*trademark of respective manufacturer