At long last, our Premium Oak Kegs are now back in stock! These beautiful oak barrels are finished with a food-grade stain and varnish and include a stand and pewter spigot. Unlike cheap oak barrels from south of the border, these are actually a scaled down version of the barrels made for distilleries, and are great for aging wines and spirits. They are available both toasted and charred, and work and look great!

Just remember that most oak kegs arrive to you dry, and the wood tends to dry and shrink when in storage. Therefore, you must cure your oak barrel before you use it to ensure that the spaces from the staves are tight and won't leak liquid. Curing can take anywhere from a few minutes to more than 24 hours, depending on the size of the oak barrel. A general rule of thumb is: The larger the oak keg, the longer the curing process will take. For detailed information on how to cure your oak barrel, read this article titled Curing Your Oak Keg.