The Brewhaus Solar powered digital thermometer comes with a 1/2″ male NPT fitting, and 2.5″ long stainless steel stem. It measures temperature from -50 to 160 degrees C (or -50 to 320 degrees F), with an accuracy of + or – 1 %. The LCD screen is powered by solar energy in light levels greater than that of a very dark over cast day and switches to battery power when light levels drop below that. The Brewhaus Solar Digital Thermometer is available in Celsius or Fahrenheit. The sensor is made from nickel-plated brass and measures 0.225″ in diameter, and it has a 60″ flexible black polyvinyl chloride (PVC)-covered lead for accessing hard-to-reach areas. The thermometer body is made from stainless steel, which resists wear.

Digital thermometers are instruments used to measure the temperature of air, liquids, or surfaces electronically. They may measure temperature in Celsius, Fahrenheit, or both. Most digital thermometers use thermistors, which are small electronic resistors. Thermistors are made out of metals that conduct electricity within a certain range and become more conductive the warmer they get. A microcontroller inside the thermometer measures this electrical conductivity and converts it to a temperature, which is displayed on an LCD. Digital thermometers are used in a wide range of applications, including in laboratory settings, food service and storage, and in doctors’ offices and hospitals.

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