Alcohol Essences

High Spirits Liquor Essences

High Spirits Essences LogoHigh Spirits essences are made using only the finest quality ingredients available, including special smoothing agents for liqueurs, to produce the highest quality spirits and liqueurs possible. By increasing the volume of essence, we are able to provide more robust flavor with more subtle nuances, resulting in more true-to-style finished products. Packing in printed, bottle-shaped foil pouches provides a great look while dramatically reducing the shipping weight and cost.

Our essences are made in-house in our Texas warehouse by following Rick's original recipes. High Spirits are NOT "private label" essences where someone else makes them and we just stick our label on. These are 100% unique and have been finally released to the public after 7 years of research and development!

Prestige Essences

Prestige LogoThe Original Prestige essences are likely the most well known and largest selling essences worldwide. This is due to the extremely high quality ingredients used and large variety of styles available. There are several replica brands using the Prestige name or mimicking the labels from The Original Prestige essences. All real Prestige essences are produced by Gert Strand AB of Sweden in 20ml bottles (with the exception of some bulk styles that we offer). Brewhaus (America) Inc owns the registered trademark to the Prestige brand name in the USA and will actively pursue all companies infringing on this trademark to ensure the continued recognition of the brand and to stop such unethical practices.

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