Gin Series- High Volume- Complete Moonshine Still

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Column Width:
Type of Distillation:
Pot, Reflux, and Gin Mode
Gin Basket:
  • Premium Kettle- 8 Gallon
  • Premium Kettle- 15 gallon
  • Copper Mesh
  • Ceramic Raschig Rings- 1L
  • Digital Thermometer
  • Solar Digital Thermometer Upgrade (2in)- Fahrenheit
  • Solar Digital Thermometer Upgrade (2in)- Celsius
  • Submersible Water Pump
  • Water Control System

The Essential Extractor High Volume Gin Series is a complete distillation unit that allows you to operate it as a pot/whisky distiller, reflux distiller, moonshine still, or gin still, depending on the configuration that you select. The gin basket enables you to produce gin, flavored vodka, and other flavor-infused spirits or essential oils. 

The larger, 3" diameter column allows you to produce the same high-quality distillate in less time than standard 2" diameter columns. This complete still kit comes with everything you need--except for your desired heat source and something to distill. Learn more about the design of this forced reflux still here.


  • Runs in gin mode, reflux mode, and pot distillation mode
  • 3" in diameter
  • More than 4' total height
  • Made of dairy grade Stainless Steel beverage tubing
  • Can be packed with either copper mesh for beverage-grade alcohol or ceramic Raschig rings for essential oils


  • Stainless steel kettle
  • 4-piece stainless steel column (gin basket, condenser, dephlegmator, column)
  • 4 stainless steel tri-clamps
  • 4 EPDM chemical tolerant gaskets
  • Hoses with hose clamps
  • Submersible pump
  • Water control system
  • Your choice of column packing
  • Pure tan gum bung
  • Your choice of thermometer


  • To heat this unit with an 8-gallon kettle, either one band heater or one internal heating element is sufficient.
  • For a 15-gallon kettle, use either two band heaters or two internal heating elements to bring it to a boil, then just use one to run.
  • For column packing, choose the ceramic raschig rings for distilling water or essential oils, and copper mesh for distilling alcohol.
  • If you don't want the bung, choose one of the Solar Digitals for your thermometer upgrade (above). It comes with an end cap & 1/2" coupling that the thermometer screws into at the top of the column, so no bung at all!


Default Coupling Placement
# of Couplings Placement (to center from bottom)
  8 Gallon 15 Gallon
1 Coupling Rear of kettle, 2" from bottom Rear of kettle, 2" from bottom
2 Couplings Drain- Rear of kettle, 2" from bottom Drain- Rear of kettle, 2" from bottom
  Heater- Side of kettle, 2" from bottom Heater- Back of kettle, 5" from bottom
3 Couplings Drain- Side of kettle, 2" from bottom Drain- Rear of kettle, 2" from bottom
  Heater- Side of kettle, 4" from bottom Heater- Side of kettle, 5" from bottom
  Heater- Rear of kettle, 2" from bottom Heater- Rear of kettle, 2" from bottom

*Most parts are laser welded.  For information on the benefits of laser welding click here.




Brewhaus stills come with a Lifetime Warranty against any defects in materials or workmanship.

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  • 5
    Great purchase

    Posted by Sharlene on Apr 7th 2021

    I am very pleased with the system. And would highly recommend this to anyone. The steel is a thick and the welding of each fitting exceptional. It did take some thought to set up the reflux cooling but I was able to find a video on Barley and Hops where he uses the same reflux and I used his set up as a guide. The system worked great on my first try!!! Very happy. Some things I would consider:

    1. I wish I had upgraded the thermometer. I broke the first glass thermometer trying to install it in the bung. It was very difficult regardless with water or Vaseline . Good thing I had purchase a spare. I drilled out the bung hole before trying to install my second thermometer. Worked well.
    2. The water control ball valve is tough to make minor adjustments in the reflux cooling and I found that this was key to a successful reflux. I will likely find a different valve and may even separate the two flows. Each with their own pump.

    I highly recommend this system.

  • 4
    Excellent Results so far

    Posted by Scott Thompson on Jun 26th 2019

    I have used this rig for a few batches and found it to be a very nice still. I like the modularity and the flexibility that it offers. It works well for neutral spirits and as a pot still. I've seen complaints online about the cooling system and the amount of control it offers, but I haven't had any problems myself. If I had to point out one challenge, it would be that the column is difficult to store once you get the water control system in place :-). I look forward to growing my experience with the flexibility of this still.

  • 5
    Gin Series High Volume Still

    Posted by Russell White on Jun 2nd 2019

    Work of Art! Recommend! Rick and his staff were very helpful with all my questions! And an extra thanks to Mary for her help with order suggestions and changes to get what I needed for a unit.

  • 5
    Works amazing

    Posted by Troy on Dec 11th 2015

    This is an awesome piece of equipment. It's so versatile. I've made some essential oils using the gin basket. Good pump included for recirculating the cooling water. Very happy with Brewhaus customer service as well.