The number one question we get asked is, “Why is it going to take so long for my still to ship?” It’s a valid question. We live in times when you can order something on Amazon and have it on your doorstep the same day, so waiting two weeks (not even including shipping time!) can feel like an eternity. So I thought I’d write this blog to offer some insight as to why it takes weeks to receive a still from us even if you could get one faster elsewhere.

Custom Moonshine Stills

All of our moonshine stills are customized, and we build your still specifically for you. At one point, we were able to make some extra distillation columns in advance to help speed up the process, and we’d like to get to that point again, but it’s not happening any time soon. We have two experienced senior welders here whose skills are unmatched, and we receive compliments on the craftsmanship and quality of our welds on a daily basis. Our stills are only as good as our welders, and our welders are the best.

How We Build Your Moonshine Still

The Brewhaus Difference

Although we’ve grown over the years, Brewhaus remains a small, family-owned and operated business to this day. Distillation itself is a slow and purposeful process, and we build our moonshine stills carefully and by hand. We can’t compete with huge corporations like Amazon when it comes to certain things, but that’s also because we’re not “cheap and easy” by definition. When you call us, you speak to a person right away; we don’t use automated systems. If the line is busy, it means we’re already on the phone with another customer, but you can also reach us through our contact page or through Facebook. If you have any questions about your moonshine still, just ask, and we’ll be happy to answer!