I know we gave you a heads up in the newsletter this month about the Moonshine Still Heaters coming in, but now we can officially announce that they are here and ready to ship. If you don’t receive our monthly newsletter, you can sign up in the bottom, left corner of our homepage here. FYI we don’t just opt you into the newsletter when you make a purchase because not everyone is into that. If you want to get on the list, just sign up or let us know!

But back to the Moonshine Still Heaters...

Technical Specifications

First off, our Moonshine Still Heaters are 120V, 1500W immersion heaters with a 1” NPT fitting. These cartridge-style, internal heating elements may appear similar to other tubular elements, but there are several important differences:

NPT Fittings To Securely Fit Your Moonshine Still

The biggest difference is that these were made especially for use in distillers, not for aquariums or anything else. We made them for our premium kettles, to be exact, although they should work on most distiller kettles regardless of brand, provided the kettle has a 1” NTP coupling installed. The Moonshine Still Heater has a 1” NPT fitting, which screws right into that standard coupling. Most water heater elements use an NPS fitting that does NOT securely fit into an NPT coupling.

Lower Your Risk Of Scorching

Another benefit is that our new Moonshine Still Heaters have 50% more surface area than comparable heaters. This means lower watt density, which translates to a lower risk of scorching. Our Moonshine Still Heaters are also made from type 316 stainless steel, making them highly corrosion resistant.

We’ve tested these out at our warehouse and are fully impressed, which is another reason why we’re excited to introduce these to you. If anyone out there buys one, would you please leave a review on the product page? I’d love to hear what you think!