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The First Online Home Distilling Retailer & Distributor

Brewhaus America, Inc. was founded in 1992 by husband-and-wife team Rick and Dawn Morris. They started selling beer kits, wine kits, and distillation equipment out of their garage in Canada. At that time, Rick both designed and TIG-welded each stainless steel moonshine still himself. As business grew, Brewhaus serviced both retail and wholesale customers, which we continue to do today.

Over time, Rick chose to focus more on the distillation side instead of the home brewing and wine-making side as business continued to grow. Today, Brewhaus operates out of a large warehouse in Keller, Texas, where our welders use the same welding technique that Rick used in the early days of business.

Rick Morris: Mainstay of the Home Distilling Movement

With over 25 years in the home distilling industry, Rick has become a go-to authority on the topic of home distilling and the distillation process. In addition to owning and running Brewhaus, Rick is also the president of the Hobby Distiller's Association, which he founded in 2013. At that time, he was approached to write the book "The Joy of Home Distilling," which currently has a 4.5+ star rating on Amazon after hundreds of reviews. Rick has also been featured in many publications, including Dallas Morning News, Denver Post, Maxim, Artisan Spirit, and Reason, to name a few.

Rick designed all of our Essential Extractor stills, which are still hand-made and built-to-order here in Texas. He also researched and developed the recipes for High Spirits Turbo Yeast, the only turbo yeast on the market that does not contain urea. All flavors from the High Spirits Essence line were also created by Rick. In addition to his extensive knowledge on the process of distilling as well as distillation equipment, he is also an expert on yeast, enzymes, and the entire fermentation process.

Free Resources

Brewhaus offers a variety of free resources and blog posts that you are welcome to reference and cite in your writing. Blog topics range from troubleshooting fermentations and how to choose the right distillation method to a thorough explanation of reflux still designs and how to properly carbon filter your neutral spirit.

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