Essential Extractor Thumper for 8 Gallon Kettle

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The Essential Extractor Thumper is made from heavy gauge stainless steel, and is the perfect size for most 5-6 gallon grain distillations.  The tall, slim design is optimal for the condensing of incoming vapor, which is necessary for thumper action.

Distilling with a thumper will give you roughly the same finished product as running a pot distillation twice in order to increase proof and purity. Although it does not double the purity of the distillate, the thumper increases the purity all in one pass instead of having to do 2 separate distillations.

What sets Brewhaus' thumper apart from others is our optimal design. Some thumpers are very wide at the base, like 3-gallon milk cans, which can cause issues because the vapor won't spend enough time in the liquid to actually get cooled. Our thumpers are designed so that the vapor will spend more time in the liquid in order to get properly cooled. We also have a diffusion screen in our thumpers to reduce the size of the bubbles because smaller bubbles cool faster than larger bubbles.


  • Made from 304L gauge stainless steel
  • 4" in diameter
  • Approx. 15" in height
  • Produces roughly the same finished product as running a pot distillation twice

Thumper Includes:

  • 3L Thumper
  • Diffusion screen to diffuse the incoming vapor, decreasing condensing time and improving thumper performance
  • 4" Clamp
  • 4" Gasket
  • Attachments for the kettle or condenser (selected from drop-down above as needed)

Condenser Add-On Includes:

  • 1/2" Clamps
  • 1/2" Gaskets
  • Liebig Condenser with ferrule

Kettle Connector Add-On Includes:

  • 1/2" Clamps
  • 1/2" Gaskets
  • 2" or 3" kettle connection
  • NOTE: The Kettle Connector Add-on does not come with a (2" or 3") tri-clamp or gasket because most people who order this already have a tri-clamp and gasket. If you do not already have a 3" tri-clamp with gasket, or a 2" tri-clamp with gasket, depending on the size of your kettle connection, please remember to purchase them separately.


  • A thumper is used in place of a distillation column and does not attach to any column. The thumper goes between the kettle and the condenser and acts as a distillation column itself.
  • Learn more about thumpers here.

*Most parts are laser welded.  For information on the benefits of laser welding click here.

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Customer reviews
Average rating:
4.89 (Votes: 9)
Rating of votes (9)
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  • Simon Burton
    Mar 16, 2022, 05:08 PM
    8 gallon thumper. Arrived today and I am very happy, quality is 1st class, I asked for no condenser and two connectors which is exactly what I received as well as being refunded the difference. Rick and the guys there were very responsive to all emails and nothing too much trouble. Can't recommend Brewhaus enough. Cheers guys!!!
  • kerry pegram
    May 18, 2021, 12:00 AM
    Thumper. Really nice I have not got to use it yet but I'm sure it will do a great job
  • Tim Forderer
    Oct 14, 2020, 12:00 AM
    Thumper. Well built lower proof than my reflux column looking forward to adding flavors
  • Wesley Ford
    May 18, 2020, 12:00 AM
    Get Thumped!. Product arrived, welds look good. I've not had a chance to use it yet, but looking forward to it. I'm using it with a 15ga pot. I chose the 8 ga based on the 15 ga reviews. I'll report back how it performs. I'll be sure to run it good and slow so I don't overwhelm it.
  • Carter
    May 4, 2020, 12:00 AM
    Great quality . Arrived as order. Have not had a chance to use yet but same quality of all brewhaus products.

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