Prestige Strawberry Cream Essence

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Strawberry Cream is a creamy liqueur with a fresh strawberry flavour. Serve well cooled in a shot glass or use as a mixer. Mix using Tequila for a drink similar to Baha Rosa.*


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Instructions: Pour the contents of this bottle and 210g granulated sugar and 200ml whipping cream into a 750ml (US 25 fl. oz.) bottle. Fill 3/4 full with vodka and shake until the sugar has dissolved. Top up the bottle and shake until the contents have fully blended. Note: It is easiest to dissolve the sugar in your alcohol by placing both in a blender on high for 2-3 minutes. Always add cream directly to the bottle, and never to the blender.

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  • FlyboyTR
    May 12, 2008, 12:00 AM
    Fresh Strawberries???. This is the perfect sweet dessert cordial! It is smooth and creamy. After the first sip I could taste fresh strawberries! We are keeping this in the freezer. It pours out thick, cold and delicious. We blended it with 80 proof spirits so a little would go a long way. It would still be good by cutting the ABV way down. The only problem is...then you would drink it really fast! NOTE: This product has a shelf life of 7 days after being mixed. This is because of the cream. It must be refrigerated. Again, we are keeping ours in the freezer and this may extend its life a few days...although...I really don't think it will last that long!

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