8 Gallon Essential Extractor PSII High Capacity Complete Moonshine Still

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Our High Capacity Pro Series II unit uses a larger column than our standard Pro Series II unit, with increased cooling capability and an extended condenser to ensure efficient operation with the increased distillate volume. Brewhaus' High Capacity unit is capable of distilling at more than twice the speed of standard 2" distillation units while maintaining exceptionally high purity. Because of the size of this unit, more input heat is required (minimum of 1500W or use of gas heat recommended).

The column for our this unit is the very same that we supply to small-scale distilleries and for use as a laboratory unit in large distilleries. No other increased size column available to the home user has this background! Our Essential Extractor PSII High Capacity Distiller can be used as an alcohol still, moonshine still, essential oil still, and more because it utilizes a 2-piece column that allows you to distill in two different ways, depending on how you configure it. Use the full-length, 2-piece column for reflux distillation, or simply attach the top piece of the column directly to your kettle to run it as a pot still.

About the Pro Series' Cooling System:
Just as with our standard Pro Series II system, the Essential Extractor Pro Series II High Capacity is a reflux distillation unit incorporating our Pro Series Cooling System and a 2-piece column for the greatest versatility. By placing the cooling lines near the top of the distillation column, reflux is created where it is intended- at the top of the tower. This allows for the most effective use of the column filling by causing the refluxed liquid to flow down through it, resulting in a cleaner distillate. Crossing the cooling lines instead of leaving them parallel results in a much more efficient cooling system, requiring less cooling water while maintaining effectiveness.  And, by having the cooling system in direct contact with the rising vapor you achieve a far more efficient and effective cooling than systems that surround a column with a cooling water jacket. The slow heat transfer rate through the thick column wall is much less efficient, and concentrates all of the cooling ability around the outside of the column. The result of jacketed columns is liquid channeling down the walls of the column, while not cooling the majority of the vapor as it is not in contact with the column wall. While such a system may operate faster, it is at the expense of quality. Learn more about the design of this forced reflux still here.


  • Runs in reflux mode or pot distillation mode
  • 3" in diameter, making it capable of distilling at more than twice the speed of standard 2" columns
  • Over 4' in total height
  • Made of dairy grade Stainless Steel beverage tubing
  • Tri-Clamp ferrule on top of column
  • Can be packed with either copper mesh for distilling alcohol, or ceramic Raschig rings for distilling water or essential oils


  • Stainless steel kettle
  • 2-piece, 3" distillation column for use as a reflux column or pot distillation column
  • 2 stainless steel tri-clamps
  • 2 EPDM chemical tolerant gaskets
  • Hoses with hose clamps
  • Submersible pump
  • Water control system
  • Your choice of column packing
  • Pure tan gum bung
  • Your choice of thermometer


  • To heat this unit with an 8-gallon kettle, either one band heater or one internal heating element is sufficient.
  • To heat this unit with a 15-gallon kettle, either two band heaters or two internal heating elements are recommended (or one of each).
  • For column packing, choose the ceramic raschig rings for distilling water or essential oils, and copper mesh for distilling alcohol.
  • If you don't like the bung, choose one of the Solar Digital thermometers as your thermometer upgrade. This comes with an end cap with 1/2" coupling that the thermometer screws into at the top of the column, getting rid of the bung completely.

 *Most parts are laser welded.  For information on the benefits of laser welding click here.

Default Coupling Placement
# of CouplingsPlacement (to center from bottom)

8 Gallon15 Gallon
1 CouplingRear of kettle, 2" from bottomRear of kettle, 2" from bottom

2 CouplingsDrain- Rear of kettle, 2" from bottomDrain- Rear of kettle, 2" from bottom

Heater- Side of kettle, 2" from bottomHeater- Side of kettle, 5" from bottom

3 CouplingsDrain- Rear of kettle, 2" from bottomDrain- Rear of kettle, 2" from bottom

Heater- Side of kettle, 5" from bottomHeater- Side of kettle, 5" from bottom

Heater- Rear of kettle, 2" from bottomHeater- Rear of kettle, 2" from bottom

    • Weight
      31.5 lbs
    • SKU
  • Type of System
  • Type of Distillation
    Reflux, Pot
  • Column Diameter
  • Column Length
    50" - 52"
  • Gin Basket
    Not Compatible
  • Kettle Size
    8 Gallon
  • Compatible Heating
    Internal (optional), Band Heater, Propane, Hotplate
  • Add 1" NPT Couplings to Kettle
    No Couplings, 1 Coupling, 2 Couplings, 3 Couplings
  • Add NPT Plugs
    No NPT Plugs, 1 NPT Plug, 2 NPT Plugs, 3 NPT Plugs
  • Column Packing
    Copper Mesh (4), Raschig Rings (5L)
  • Thermometer
    Laboratory Thermometer, Digital Thermometer, Solar Digital Kit (Fahrenheit)- 3'', Solar Digital Kit (Celsius)- 3''
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4.78 (Votes: 23)
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  • Jack Bennett
    Jun 13, 2018, 12:00 AM
    PSII High Capacity complete moonshine still. It took about 5 weeks for it to get to me and it was worth the wait. Very happy with this extractor. First run was a sugar was with approx 20% ABV I got 195 Proof first run.
  • Robert Hollis
    May 29, 2018, 12:00 AM
    The out put of the still is not as much as my 2 inch collumn. I don't think it was worth the long wait.
  • Harold McGrady
    Dec 4, 2017, 12:00 AM
    Complete stil. We are very pleased with all components of this still. Great craftsmanship.
  • christopher
    Jul 28, 2014, 12:00 AM
    Overall good.. first time distilling anything. Produced what it was suppose to. This is an awesome unit. The flow control valve supplied needs to be changed. A quarter turn ball valve is no good for throttling and exact temperature control. This needs to be replaced with at least a globe valve, needle valve would be best. Don't cheap out and get the lab grade thermometer. The one supplied me was not accurate at all. 2 degrees high on the low side and 4 degrees low on the high side. The instruction booklet was very informative and I could not have started without it. It was however hard to follow at times with the bouncing between quarts and liters, and a professional should proof read it for flow.That said, this still is the bomb. I am a complete novice and I was able to produce exactly what was advertised. Brewhaus, you are me new favorite pastime.
  • Gary
    Feb 11, 2013, 12:00 AM
    PS 2 High Capacity Distiller. Purchased this unit a little over a year ago and immediately achieved great results. Have used it both as a pot still and reflux still; the unit works as advertised. However,the rubber stopper that holds the thermometer at the top of the column is difficult to remove when finished. A recommendation would be to have a threaded stainless steel cap at the top of the column with a removable rubber stopper, facilitating removal. Since the unit is beautifully crafted, do yourself a big favor and purchase the premium kettle... well worth the small extra cost. !

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